Waste Water Treatment

At Bio Sewage Systems we’re working hard to offer the very best water and waste treatment solutions. Our commitment to environmentally responsible processing methods combined with robust construction and low maintenance requirements ensure our installations perform effectively and affordably.

Inspired by nature

The inspiration for our multi-stage sewage treatment systems comes from nature itself, and while we primarily employ an anaerobic method for breaking down and processing waste, both anoxic and aerobic reactions contribute to the overall result. This process delivers an extremely efficient wastewater treatment system, giving you clear, clean water to use for a wide range of applications. The treated water is ideal for washing cars, watering gardens, irrigation or even for game watering holes – you’ll be able to recycle the majority of your grey and black water with Bio Sewage Systems.

Water saving

We appreciate that water is an increasingly scarce resource and our team are committed to preventing unnecessary waste wherever possible. Our waste water treatment systems have been carefully designed to provide the maximum return of recycled water and at the same time we aim to offer bespoke solutions that are as affordable as they are effective.

If you have previous experience with a septic tank or soak-away, Bio Sewage Systems offer a completely different and far more hygienic solution. Rather than leaching pollutants into the soil or needing to have a tank drained at frequent intervals, our systems can be scaled to meet your exact needs and will require far less maintenance and operator involvement than any alternative solution.

Install anywhere

Our waste and water treatment installations can be located anywhere, with our space-saving designs allowing discreet positioning for minimal aesthetic impact. Each one will help you to save water and electricity, as well as return clean, safe water that cuts your reliance on your valuable fresh water supply.

If you’d like to learn more about our waste water treatment, browse through the rest of our site or call us today and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

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