Bio Sewage Systems

The Operation and Common Uses of Bio Sewage Systems In addition to being the registered name of the South African-based company responsible for the development and manufacture of these devices, the phrase “bio sewage system” also describes an innovative system that is now widely used for the treatment of grey and black wastewater and that […]


Sewage Treatment Installations

Sewage Treatment Installations and How They Work It has often been said that the best way to judge the level of civilisation that a given community has achieved is by examining the distance that it maintains between its people and their bodily waste. While this concept may have once been a reasonably sound one, if […]


Biological Sewage Treatment

Biological Sewage Treatment – A Natural Solution to a Man-made Problem It is an undeniable fact that many of man’s newest and greatest inventions were based directly upon principles that nature has been applying with success since the dawn of time. The invention of Velcro, for instance, stems directly from an incident in which the […]


Designing an Effective Water Treatment System that Mimics Nature

Before the human race made its appearance on the planet, there was clearly no artificial system of water treatment in operation and neither was there even the remotest need for it. Even for many millennia after the dawn of mankind, nature was more than capable of recovering that which was used and discarded by both […]


Water Treatment Installations

Innovative Water Treatment Installations Offer a More Flexible Solution When it comes to water treatment, there are no universal solutions. Each situation has its own needs that must be taken into account when designing an appropriate installation. The precise needs will be determined by factors such as the nature and volume of the effluent to […]


Waste Treatment Installations

Natural Waste Treatment Installations Offer a Conservative and Eco-friendly Solution With the exception of the numerous armed conflicts currently raging around the world and the various mishaps and misdemeanors of those who regard themselves as celebrities, few news topics attract more attention than the declining state of the environment. Although there can be few who […]

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