Waste Water Treatment Process

The Nature and Purpose of the Waste Water Treatment Process The production of waste is an inevitable consequence of modern living and carries with it the need for various forms of treatment to process these materials in a fashion that will either render them suitable for re-use or to be safely disposed without harm to […]


Sewage Treatment Process

Designing an Efficient Yet Affordable Sewage Treatment Process for All When taking a look at the marvels of the modern technological age, it may be surprising for some to learn how many of these apparently complex human achievements have their roots in some relatively simple mechanism first developed by Mother Nature and exploited rather than […]


Chemical-Free Bio Sewage Systems

Choose the Eco-Friendly Option with Chemical-Free Bio Sewage Systems If you have ever spent a day at an outdoor music festival or perhaps attended an agricultural show, then you have probably had occasion to join a queue of fellow visitors eagerly waiting for their turn to make use of a portable toilet. Workers on construction […]


Natural Wastewater Solutions

The Growing Importance of Effective Natural Wastewater Solutions Although, following the recent spate of flooding experienced by the residents of Gauteng may suggest otherwise, South Africa is officially designated as a semi-arid region and, in practice, parts of the country are in a state of drought for much of the year. Even in those countries […]


Wastewater Management

Efficient Wastewater Management Essential to Sustain Future Supply Quality The 21st century has exposed a world that is faced with unrestrained population growth accompanied by accelerated urbanisation and industrialisation, the need for increased food production and a demand for improvement in the living standards of its people. Each of these trends, in turn, has served […]


Sewage Treatment in South Africa

Municipal Sewage Treatment Alone Cannot Meet Requirements in South Africa A report compiled jointly by the Water Research Commission and South African Local Government Association in 2014 suggests that the ability of municipalities to maintain the standards of wastewater treatment required may be approaching a “tipping point”. The report stated that almost 45% of the […]

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