The design of the Bio Sewage Systems (Flush n Spray® Range, BioBEE Range and the Mobile Container Unit) enables the effective treatment of black and grey water streams using a modular, simple and robust technology, with minimal mechanical components, which has the ability tolerate high peak flows.


The 3 stages of sewage treatment:




The four-step biological sewage treatment process applying the 5 SHIN® Technology :



Pump Station
Collect all sewage and waste water from the settlement. Separate and digest faecal solids to facilitate delivery of a largely solids free effluent.



Bio-Reactor Tanks
Reduction of the total nitrogen and organic load occurs in the anoxic / bioreactor. An aerobic fixed film process oxidises residual organics and provides an environment for a nitrifying bio-film. This is where nitrification and de-nitrification occurs.



Clarification Tank
Separation of sludge (at the bottom of the tank) and clear water (top of tank)



Sterilization Tank
Treatment of the clear water either by Ozone or Ultraviolet technology, resulting in clean, odourless and environmentally-friendly water, ready for recycling.



The process is as follows:




The biological treatment technology operates as follows:


When air is introduced (aerobic), the organic material and nutrients are removed from the waste-water flowing past the attached bacteria growth on the biofilm. Nitrifying bacteria colonies are grown on a submersed fixed film media where they feed on organic nutrients (sewage), removing nitrogen from waste-water. The bacteria convert ammonia nitrogen into nitrate nitrogen which is a more stable end product.


When oxygen is introduced at the correct levels into the treatment tank (bioreactor), it encourages and promotes bacteria growth, resulting in the reduction of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) levels. This then triggers the two-step biological process (nitrification and de-nitrification), controlling the nitrates and ammonia levels, ultimately rendering the water safe for recycling.


The clear water can then be sterilised by means of an ozone or ultraviolet technology, where after the treated effluent is ready for discharge, either by means of irrigation, or to game water holes, etc.

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